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Fearless explorer of culture, politics, education, and wellness. Read to find out what I’ve discovered!


  • Matt Ray

    Matt Ray

    Top Writer in Travel, Photography, & Poetry. Recently circum-sailed around the world. Find all my Publications, Blogs, & IGs here:

  • Vanessa Tao

    Vanessa Tao

    Full time student exposing myself on the internet. Contact:

  • Dan J

    Dan J

    33 year old writer/artist. I write poetry and i have written 3 books. One of them is on sale on Amazon and is about leadership. I also create beautiful artwork.

  • Bridge D'Urso

    Bridge D'Urso

  • Alireza Zare

    Alireza Zare

    Writer, University Lecturer, Public Speaker

  • Ben Ho

    Ben Ho

    Constant seeker of inspiration — Coder, Traveler, Explorer

  • Dana


  • Ogueji Chisom Caleb

    Ogueji Chisom Caleb

    Technical writer, Blockchain enthusiast, Node operator

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